About Us

Marcela and Craig are your hosts at The Black Cat Hostel & Bar. We know what travelers look for in their hostel experience because we are fellow travelers ourselves. We are also hospitality professionals. Marcela was educated in hotel management and put in the work to eventually manage high-end properties in Panama – while Craig worked his way up the restaurant/bar ladder from bussing and waiting tables to bartending, eventually becoming General Manager of a popular bar in Granada, Nicaragua (which is where they met and fell in love back in 2016!)

Our vision for The Black Cat Hostel & Bar is to provide a safe, welcoming space for foreign and local travelers to mix and mingle; to enjoy the beaches of El Zonte – it’s surfing, bodyboarding and picturesque sunsets – as well as to enjoy the nearby jungle space we’ve chosen for this project and get a real and appreciative sense for the extraordinary history of El Salvador and all of Latin America.

We believe in several fundamentals that we hope our guests share:

  • An appreciation for local culture, art, history and knowledge forms
  • Self-reliance and self-actualization; we aren’t your parents – we’re a two-person team committed to providing an affordable and enjoyable space where you can enjoy and experience El Salvador and it’s famed beaches (as well as nearby tourist attractions). This means, in reality, we all work to keep collective spaces clean and tidy and to leave our environment the way we found it (if not better). We have an “open kitchen” concept at The Black Cat. You can save money by cooking your own meals – with all the necessary equipment and tools provided (including basics like salt, pepper, etc…) But in order to keep that available – we all clean up after ourselves. This doesn’t mean you will be expected to clean the floors or perform other monotonous hostel tasks during your stay, but it does mean you will be expected to wash your own dishes and cookware! You’re an adult and we promise to treat you like one!
  • Respect for women, non-binary gender and queer identities. We believe in and practice enthusiastic and vocal consent and will not tolerate harassment, aggressive (and unwelcome) sexual advances or other behaviors that make this space less safe and welcoming for everyone. If you’re unclear on any of these things – ask!