The Bar

The Black cat’s jungle bar

We built our jungle bar in an abandoned chicken coop (or gallinero) with purpose; to serve as a social meeting place for guests and locals and bring a little nightlife to sleepy El Zonte. We want to facilitate fun and important introductions: to El Zonte’s amazing local surfers who often mix and mingle there; to Latin America (and El Salvador’s proud history); and to provide a safe-but-fun social setting where travelers from all over the world can intermix and find partners for future adventures!

Down the hill from our hostel, our bar is situated deep in the jungle for both privacy and ambiance. There you will find nightly specials, events/themes and live music and DJ performances. After enjoying a tranquil sunset on the beach, we’ll have the bar opened up so you can see another side of El Salvador!

Our current schedule features:


Compete with or against friends for real prizes in a battle of wits and knowledge! Bring your own team or form one with newfound friends and show off your knowledge of (or learn something about) El Salvador, current events, geography, science, history and other categories!


Join us for a night of all your favorite, fun or embarrassing classic songs with our own weekly Karaoke party!


A night of latin rhythms! Join us early (8PM) for introductory Salsa dancing classes and spend your night dancing away to all the classic, Latin rhythms in our sexy jungle atmosphere!


Cut loose with us and enjoy our jungle bar to the fullest! Saturdays, we frequently host local and International DJs and bring various techno-digital dance parties with always low-cost cocktail specials to keep you gyrating under our laser lights into the early morning hours.


On Sundays, we move the party up poolside. With chill vibes at the hostel – you can cure your hangover (or “goma”) with us between trips down to El Zonte’s beautiful, uncrowded beaches! Our friends at Wipeout Hostel frequently host Sunset parties right on the beach!