El Zonte

Long living in the shadow of its highly-developed, hard-partying neighbor El Tunco, El Zonte has been quietly making a name for itself as the go-to surf and relaxation spot for Salvadorans and International travelers alike. The surf breaks are less crowded. The beach has a sandy stretch that can be enjoyed by bathers and swimmers – and even has a few caves fit for low-tide exploration. The village is spotted by a handful of affordable pupuserias, comedors and tiendas.

With a highly-financed development plan sponsored by already numerous high-end hotels, El Zonte faces the risk of becoming enjoyable only by the most affluent. But we’re hoping to offer a counterbalance: a place where local surfers can mix and mingle with travelers and share the best of El Zonte and El Salvador together!

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Now with DIRECT SHUTTLE SERVICE from Antigua, Guatemala and Leon, Nicaragua – El Zonte is even more accessible and can easily serve as your home-base for seeing all El Salvador has to offer! Perfectly situated just 45 minutes from both El Salvador’s International Airport and Capital, San Salvador – and within a day tour’s trip from famous landmarks like The Route of Flowers, Joya de Ceren [“The Pompeii of the Americas”], Los Chorros and Tamanique waterfalls and other attractions – we’re happy to help you enjoy everything El Salvador has to share!

We’re within a short walk of the beach, nestled in a nearby jungle location with direct river access where you can enjoy wildlife sightings, our natural pool and amazing birdwatching, too!